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Collective of Aerial and Circus Artists: A premier teaching and training center for aerial and circus arts


Aloft is a collective of earth-bound aerial and circus artists who have chosen to express themselves vertically as well as horizontally, and without regard to gravity. Aloft reveals more then just the splendor and danger inherent in our art; we construct accessible, purposeful stories drawing on the juxtaposition of artistic, emotional and physical extremes, and perform them between the ground and the sky.

Founded by Shayna Swanson in 2005, Aloft seeks to share its unique voice that embodies the innovation of the New Circus Movement, the daring of the traditional circus, and the joy and comedy of Vaudeville. The result are productions that are powerful, dangerous, intense, hilarious and passionate; where spectacle lies not in special effects or elaborate sets, but in the intensity, difficulty, beauty and captivating nature of the performances. We look to have a direct emotional dialogue with our audience, and due to its accessible nature, everyone, regardless of education, age, culture or background can participate in it.

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