Sapori Antichi International (Gelato D'Oro)

Gelato Doro


About Us

We are a full service and fully licensed Mobile Food Preparer in the City of Chicago. On board our truck we serve all natural and gluten free gelato and sorbetto flavors along with various Italian desserts. Along with our truck we specialize in setting up custom gelato bars for weddings, birthdays, corporate events, etc.

Gelato is an age-old delicacy dating back thousands of years. It was introduced and eventually became an Italian tradition starting during the Italian Renaissance, with the help of the famous Medici Family of Florence. This famous tradition was first introduced to America, on the streets of New York City, in the late 1700’s by a man named Giovanni Basiolo.

True gelato is made, like ours, with only the highest quality dairy and natural flavors. As well is sorbetto which is made with the freshest quality fruits.

Ingredients in gelato are not homogenized which means it melts faster than typical American ice cream.

Less air is whipped into the mixture which makes gelato creamier than ice cream.

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