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Merging Talent


About Us

Merging Talent is a marketing consulting firm that offers branding and staffing for any business. We come up with creative ways to stay within budgets while covering all marketing aspects efficiently. We are an asset to any business owner and often work side by side with the marketing director to make magic happen. Matching the right staff for projects to get results is our goal every day.

We have been consulting with small business and major corporations for over 12 years. Our clients span across the globe. We attract the most qualified staff to work different areas of the Marketing Plan we create for you. Since successful marketing encompasses a variety of outlets we allocate time to get the most impact for your brand image. By merging research, design, publicity, client relations and brand recognition we make Merging Talent a one stop shop for all Marketing needs!

Marketing today needs to be dynamic and adaptable to constant change. Merging Talent offers affordable ways to assist you in reaching your marketing objective. Together we create a plan with measurable goals, then we take care of the rest so you could do your best.

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